2019 Tournament  
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Name Last,First Phone Number Fax Number E-Mail Address
Alley Oopsie Daisy     kfill@ca.rr.com
Bear Raid     lauzguy@gmail.com
Bout time, Izzo     Duanehjelt23@gmail.com
Bren Man McQueen     spscott@pcl.com
Bucket Challenge     Carolmcrago@yahoo.com
Carter Wethern     Carterwethern@ymail.com
Chitownhustler     Kctundra7@yahoo.com
Coach Wethern     awethern10@winona.edu
Dolores     Wethern6@msn.com
Dr. P     donpoplau@gmail.com
Emmy Mae All Day!     spscott@pcl.com
Eric     musser.ericj@gmail.com
Excavators rule     duanehjelt@hotmail.com
G-GPA wisdom from above     ghudalla@yahoo.com
gigi old     hudalla.mary@gmail.com
Hunting Bear     paul.hudalla@yahoo.com
I am caleb     Duanehjelt23@gmail.com
Irish Eyes     Nmo334@yahoo.com
Kodi Krushers     sjueleong@yahoo.com
Lau, Matt     lauzmutt@gmail.com
LongLimbsMama     krista.hudalla@yahoo.com
March Badness     jeaninepoplau@hotmail.com
Marlee Moo     kfill@ca.rr.com
Meant 2 B     ghudalla@yahoo.com
Minnesota's Golden Girl     hudalla.taylor@gmail.com
molamola     lauckayun@gmail.com
Noles-it-all, Finally     nolan.hudalla@gmail.com
Old Wise One     lausikkeung@gmail.com
Please Not Last Place....     kgscott@uwalumni.com
Poplau, Dan     dpoplau@gmail.com
Poplau, Lil'Cool, Malcolm     kpoplau@gmail.com
Poplau, Papa Cool, Kevin     kpoplau@gmail.com
Poplau, Que Sera Sera     fpoplau@gmail.com
Poplau, Rayna     raynapoplau@gmail.com
Poplau, The Butterfly, Rebecca     rayoffe@gmail.com
Pupset City     emilie.hudalla@gmail.com
roro_foshow     kfill@ca.rr.com
Schrondiger's Picks, If I never look then they can     nappingpenguin@gmail.com
Teddy Frank the Tank     spscott@pcl.com
The "Sage" of the Golden State     kfill@ca.rr.com
Too Many Big Ten Teams to Choose From     spscott@pcl.com
Wethern Bronson     bwethern16@gmail.com
Whose house? Lau old house     laufamily5@hotmail.com
Yurty Wethern     Bailey.wethern@gmail.com
Zoey Marie for the Three     spscott@pcl.com

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